The Uncivil Society Presents: Inland Empire


The Uncivil Society in association with Suburban Utopia Projects presents it’s thirteenth release “Inland Empire”.

Having years of distance both physically and mentally from living in the suburbs of Southern California, Gorilla X shifts gears to acoustically to explore and express a personal narrative that is intertwined with the sociological critique offered by Mike Davis in his book “City of Quartz".

Enjoy! . . .or not .


Track List:

1) So Cal . . .So Cool

2) Sunshine or Noir?

3) Power lines

4) Home Grown Revolution

5) Fortress Upland

6) The Hammer and the Rock

7) Confession

8) Junkyard of Dreams

9) Counter Argument #4

10)  Days of Wine and Roses


I do, because I love to do it. I understand and accept that I am a hack musician, a terrible vocalist and a sloppy graphic artist. I don’t care about achieving perfection, because I am happiest while being engaged in the exalted messiness of my creative process. I don’t worry about capturing the perfect take because the time I spend chasing that false god might keep me from discovering a larger truth. I am satisfied by the pure joy I derive from expressing myself without filter or restraint, even at the cost of shutting off others ears and minds of my friends and family. I have embraced this compulsion for creative expression and found a way to have it be part of my life, for better or worse.

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